2004 Loan Special Reserve Semillon, Barossa Valley

2004 Loan SemillonThe 2004 Loan Semillon from Barossa Valley is a fascinating wine. I purchased six bottles about three years ago for just $15.95 apiece. We’ve enjoyed some at home, and I’ve used some in blind tastings. Tonight I wanted to celebrate our last bottle that has so captivated us this evening.

The evolution has continued since I last wrote about this here in 2013. The wine is now the colour of old gold, yet still reflects light brilliantly. The vibrant nose is now dominated by resin and beeswax (although the wine has seen absolutely no wood), with just a few hidden memories of lemon and dry herbs. The wine is still alive, with a surprising freshness and lightness on the palate, and just a suggestion of lemon pith bitterness underlying the dominant beeswax and resin.

This is one of those wines that you have to ponder — at once complex and yet so melded together that you can’t really take it apart. But then why should you? In the end it’s just pure pleasure.


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