Vintages Release February 20, 2016 Part 1: Sparkling and white wines

I have selected four sparkling wines and five white table wines, with no particular theme except interest. The first sparkling wine is the excellent 2010 Josef Chromy from Tasmania. This is followed by a second 2010 traditional method wine, an interesting and somewhat evolved offering from Huff Estate in Prince Edward County, their 2010 Cuvée Peter F. Huff. The final two sparklers are a very good Vouvray, the 2012 Château Moncontour Cuvée Prédilection traditional method, and a 2014 Prosecco from Canella.

The five white table wines are an eclectic collection as well. I begin with the 2013 Les Clous Meursault from Bouchard, a wine that I would not have recognized as Meursault in a blind tasting, but very good for all that! This is followed by the excellent 2014 Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc, made in a slightly more restrained style that I am finding more prevalent in the last short while. The final three wines are an enjoyable 2013 Grûner Veltliner, and two wines from Alsace: the 2012 Pinot Gris Réserve from Trimbach, and the 2014 Hugel Gentil.



Vintages #393629 • $29.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 91/100
Josef Chromy is a well-respected producer from Tasmania, known for traditional method sparkling wine. This example has a lightly toasted, sourdough nose, with suggestions of honey, red apple, pear, lemon and a dusting of green herbs. The wine is dry, with residual sugar masked by high acidity. The wine is vibrant and fresh, with the honey, apple and citrus notes lingering over a stony minerality that wells up on the long finish. Elegant and very fine.
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HUFF ESTATES CUVÉE PETER F. HUFF 2010, Méthode Traditionnelle, VQA Prince Edward County, Ontario

Vintages #198754 • $40.00 • 750ml. • WD Score 90/100
Toast, sponge toffee, caramel, and nutty almond aromas dominate the nose, but layered underneath you will also find notes of white flowers, lemon, apple and dry herbs. The wine is dry with some residual sugar, and fresh acidity that brings a citrus, apple and mineral attack that cuts through the toasty-caramel layer on the palate, and leads to a complex and lengthy finish. This will especially appeal to those who appreciate a maturing autolytic and oxidative style. Perhaps the most interesting Huff sparkler that I've tasted to this point.
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Vintages #168963 • $19.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 89/100
This is traditional method Chenin Blanc, and its green apple, pear and lemon nose, along with the light toast and almond notes, speak both to the grape and the method. The wine reads as dry, with high acidity that emphasizes the crisp and fresh fruit on the palate, while a creamy texture helps to balance that crispness. The pleasant toast and almond notes linger, as stony minerality builds on the finish. A wonderful value.
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Vintages #435503 • $19.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 88/100
This is a pleasant Prosecco that has pretty floral, honey, apple, lemon and melon aromas. It is just off-dry, with fresh acidity that keeps the palate crisp, and a lively mousse that adds a creamy texture and some richness to the bright fruit and floral flavours. A very good example.
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Vintages #661322 • $44.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 90/100
The wine is light straw-yellow, with some reductive notes on the nose, partly hiding aromas of pear, apple, lemon and white flowers. The wine is surprisingly crisp and fresh for a Meursault, with modest alcohol and a medium body. The reductive notes diminish on the palate, leaving bright apple, lemon, pear and melon flavours, and noticeable stony minerality on the finish. Not the level of oak and lactic character that I'd expect from a Meursault, and perhaps that's a combination of the vintage and deft winemaking in response to it. Nevertheless it's a very good and well-made wine that I like very much.
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GREYWACKE SAUVIGNON BLANC 2014, Marlborough, South Island

Vintages #164228 • $23.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 90/100
Here is a fine Sauvignon Blanc from the excellent producer Greywacke. The nose is defined by luscious grapefruit, lime, melon and peach fruit, with just a nuance of cut grass and green herbs. High acidity, moderate alcohol and a medium body provide an elegant frame for the palate, where the fruit takes on a slightly creamy texture, and flavours intensify into a long, vibrant and mineral-tinged finish. I really enjoy this refined, slightly less herbaceous style of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
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Vintages #66225 • $19.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 88/100
Aromas of lemon, lime and green apple centre the nose, with just a nuance of green herbs and stony minerality underneath. The wine is dry, with crisp acidity and modest alcohol, and an earthy richness adds depth to the citrus-apple core on the palate, which finishes with pretty fruit and minerals. This is indeed a friendly Grüner, and it has enough character to do justice to the grape.
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Vintages #971762 • $23.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 89/100
This is a very good Alsatian Pinot Gris from the dependable Trimbach. The wine is noticeably off-dry, although acidity is firm enough for balance. Ripe apricots, red apples, honeyed lemons and white flowers define the core of fruit, with a dry herb note that evolves into a light phenolic bitterness on the finish. Very good.
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HUGEL GENTIL 2014, AC Alsace

Vintages #367284 • $16.95 • 750ml. • WD Score 88/100
Gentil is the name of an Alsace blended white wine style, with at least 50% drawn from the four "noble" Alsace varieties — Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris and/or Gewurztraminer — with the balance composed of Sylvaner, Chasselas and Pinot Blanc. This is a pleasant and highly drinkable example, based on Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc, with Riesling and Pinot Gris as the largest other components. It has a nose that suggests honey, grapefruit, white peach and peach blossoms, with a very dry, crisp palate that carries the fruit and adds a dusting of bitter herbs. Very enjoyable — drink over the shorter term.
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