Canada — Ontario • $29.95 • 92/100

The CSV Riesling is one of Niagara’s benchmarks, and the 2015 is fascinating. The wine is very pale straw. Initially the nose is a little tight, with a nuance of Riesling rubber-mineral, later opening out to show white flowers, lime juice, green apples, under-ripe pears and honeydew melon. It is almost dry, with a grace note of residual sugar that is so subtle that you don’t think of it as sweetness, and the vivid acidity informs the palate with a stony, mineral core. The fruit clings to the edges of the palate and a lime-apple residue lingers on the chalky finish. This wine is still all coiled within itself, but as I’ve tasted it three or four times now, every additional month of bottle time has seen it relax and expand a little more. A terrific wine with great aging potential! • LCBO Release 05/13/2017 • LCBO id#566026 • Find it at your nearest LCBOCAVE SPRING CELLARS LTD., (Agent)