New Zealand — Marlborough • $22.95 • 89/100

Through careful vineyard management, Dr. John Forrest has been able to produce this low alcohol version of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, slowing sugar development while attaining fairly typical Marlborough flavour character. The wine is watery white, showing glints of straw. On the nose, gentle earthy, vegetal and grassy notes lead into aromas of lemon, apple, ripe melon and grapefruit. It is dry with some residual sugar, firm acidity, low alcohol (at just 9.5%), and a light body. The subtle flavours repeat on the palate, and the finish dries nicely. Simple, unassuming, and quite an interesting wine. While I really appreciate and applaud Forrest’s ability to produce a low alcohol Sauvignon, my personal preference would be to trade a degree or more of higher alcohol to lower the residual sugar closer to dryness. But it’s an intriguing, recommended wine and well worth exploring. • Tasted 2017-06-10 • LCBO id#317842 • Find it at your nearest LCBOABCON INTERNATIONAL WINE MERCHANTS (Agent)

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