Canada — Ontario • $21.95 • 90/100

This is the finest Canadian rosé that I’ve tasted this year to date. The wine is moderate salmon in colour with just a hint of copper. Aromas centre on strawberry, raspberry, red apple and grapefruit, with a hint of green herbs. While this is a saignée from Pinot Noir destined to be red table wine (a portion is “bled” or removed before much colour has been obtained in the maceration), the high acidity and modest alcohol of the underlying Pinot gives an excellent structure for this bone-dry rosé. The palate jumps with the acidity, and a lightly bitter dusting of tannins firms the mid-palate and the stony, saline finish. Full-flavoured, without being rich and heavy, this is a vivid and elegant wine. • Tasted 2017-06-24 • LCBO id#68833 • Find it at your nearest LCBOMARK ANTHONY BRANDS (Agent)

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