Australia — Tasmania • $26.95 • 89.5/100

This is an intriguing Sauvignon Blanc from Tasmania, much closer to the Loire in ethos than to New Zealand, save for a richer texture and higher alcohol. It is watery white with glints of straw. The nose is rich and smoky, with pleasant vegetal and green herb undertones, and lemon-lime and green apple fruit. The wine is dry, with firm acidity, and slightly elevated alcohol that suggests richness rather than heat. The palate is brighter and fresher than the nose suggests, with more dominant lemon and green apple as the vegetal element dissipates. Refined, classy, with the richness of the new world and the sentiment of the old. Worth discovering for sure. • Tasted 2017-06-24 • LCBO id#482216 • Find it at your nearest LCBOB AND W WINES (Agent)

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