Small Sips and Tastings

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2007 Creekside Reserve Sauvignon Blanc


We opened a very fine bottle of 2007 Creekside Reserve Sauvignon Blanc this evening. Acidity is still firm, balancing a rich palate of honey and herbs, with vanilla and a…

Highlights from a tasting of Pahlmeyer wines


I had my first opportunity to taste a variety of Pahlmeyer wines in November. Pahlmeyer is a Napa producer that fits squarely in the ultra-luxury California idiom: technically fine-tuned wines…

Selected wine notes for November 2014


International interest in the red wines of Umbria has been growing, largely due to the rising profile of its indigenous grape Sagrantino. The limited plantings of this highly tannic grape…

Spottswoode dinner and tasting


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Beth Novak Milliken, the owner and president of Spottswoode Family Estate Winery. The occasion was a small dinner at L’Avenue Bistro, hosted by…