Argentina — Salta • $14.95 • 88/100

Torrontés has become Argentina’s most widely planted white grape variety, and it thrives in Salta, the region from which this wine is sourced. While Salta is in the northwest corner of the country, much closer to the equator than Mendoza, the vineyards are relatively high in the Andes, meaning that the sun-filled climate is also relatively cool, allowing for good levels of acidity. The nose is very aromatic, with notes of slightly soapy rosewater and peach blossoms, then ripe peach, melon, perfumed red apple and lemon. Surprisingly fresh acidity balances the palate, where a hint of residual sweetness subsumes into a juicy richness, and the light soapy character on the nose disappears as the pleasant, ripe fruit dominates. Aromatic, crisp and tangy. A fine value. • Tasted 2017-03-18 • LCBO id#81539 • Find it at your nearest LCBOE&J GALLO WINERY CANADA LTD. (Agent)

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